Alex Phillip Donaldson is a 29-year-old tradesperson whose lifestyle is dominated by solving the murder of his friend, Billie Bryant. Billie was poisoned in 2014 and the killer was taken to justice never.

He’s an American Christian who defines himself seeing that straight. A degree is had by him. He has a serious phobia of snakes

Physically, Alex is overweight but otherwise in good form slightly. He’s short with light skin, dark brown hair and green eyes. A mole is had by him on his correct cheek.

He was raised in a middle income neighbourhood. His dad left when he was youthful, leaving him along with his mother, who was simply an addict.

He’s currently in a romantic relationship with Chelsie Henna White. Chelsie is 11 years over the age of him and functions as a plumber.

Alex’s greatest friend is a tradesperson called Tallulah O’Connor. They are inseparable. He hangs about with a tradesperson called Elisa King also. They together enjoy playing video gaming.